Southeast Asia

 Throughout the Southeast Asia Unit, I was able to develop a better understanding regarding the problems with in my own country. Not only that, I have a deeper sympathy for the unfortunates in Thailand. I cannot imagine the amount of pain they are suffering from, and I cannot believe that the majority of people of the country are going through such a cruel cycle. The issue I found most disturbing to me is the fact that young girls in my own country are forced into prostitution. To me, being forced into this field is devalue the dignity of a person and should be strongly prohibited.

  Despite many issues depicted from this book, I gained hope for humanity because the protagonist of the book gave up everything to try to save his family from the suffering. Even though his attempts were not successful, his actions indicates that he is willing to put others as his priority. His actions indicate that love is a force that drives people to do beautiful things for others without wanting anything in return.

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